Mortgages for Self-employed and Business Owners

Business owners and entrepreneurs tread a challenging and narrow path to success. They must always be ready for unpredicted changes and obstacles. A self-employed professional strives for growth while facing a multitude of financial challenges and Urgent Mortgages Inc. can help you navigate these different challenges.

Being self-employed comes with a wide array of freedoms, such as creative, social, and financial freedom. However, as a self-employed business owner, securing financing can be much harder.

Urgent Mortgages Inc. can help self-employed individuals and business owners get approvals for business / personal loans and lines of credit to fund their businesses and personal needs. We can present to you a variety of mortgage products designed specifically suited to your needs. At Urgent Mortgages Inc., we are here to help you secure the financing you need to expand your business.

Urgent Mortgages Inc. can help you get mortgage approval without requiring third-party valuations of income. In most cases, such loans require a minimum of 35% down payment. However, there are several products available which allow you to secure loans with as low as 10% down payment.

Get in touch with our team at Urgent Mortgages Inc. and book a consultation session so we can help you devise a pragmatic financing strategy.  There is an endless array of possibilities, and we are here to help you make this happen for you.