Future outlook of Pickering Real estate

Pickering is a city in Ontario just east of Toronto in Durham region. Like other parts of the GTA, the real estate market of Pickering also got negatively impacted by Covid-19. In just two months after a slump in April and May, average home prices in Pickering registered an increase of nearly 9.5% to reach a figure of $761000. The recovery of the housing market in Pickering has been very impressive. One reason behind this recovery lies in the fact that people seem to be fleeing from densely populated areas of GTA and settling in less densely populated cities and towns. In fact, average days on the market for properties in Pickering have become shorter compared to same period last year. All this indicates that the future of real estate in Pickering is bright and strong


Benefits of Choosing Urgent Mortgages Inc.

When you are buying a home for your family in the Pickering area you need the services of a reliable mortgage broker. Urgent Mortgages Inc. can be very helpful for you in this endeavor. Here are some important advantages coming your way when you hire services of Urgent Mortgages Inc. when looking for a house in the Pickering area:

  • Quick approval and turnaround
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Mortgage Solutions

As a mortgage broker, Urgent Mortgages Inc. provides a comprehensive range of services to our customers in the Pickering area. You can take a look at the following services that are provided to our clients:

  • Renewal or transfer of mortgage
  • First and second mortgages
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Help in prequalification
  • Mortgages for investment properties

Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi Mortgage Brokers in Pickering

If you feel more comfortable communicating in Urdu/Punjabi or Hindi, we are your choice mortgage brokers as we have staff members who can speak Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi to address your mortgage and financing needs.